Much like your parents attic, treasured memories lay within. So, wipe the dust off my ruminations and remembrances, sit back and enjoy!

When EF Hutton Talks...

A couple of weeks ago while singing and worshiping at church, God spoke to me. Now, it's not as if God hasn't spoken to or lead me before, but this time it was different... He told me to 'Wake Up!' that 'You're not doing the things you need to be doing...things I need you to be doing.' then He laid out that I need to be spending more time with Nick and Vinny (our two 8th graders) and that I need to set aside time daily, take them through a study to teach them more about God and to teach them how to be a teenager, a Christian teenager in the World today. There was an urgency in His voice and I had the distinct impression that I have a window of opportunity. He went on to tell me that this time spent with them will allow Him to lay the very foundations of their spiritual lives.

Now, you may be sitting there reading this saying, Ok...and? The point is this...I thought I had been doing the things I needed to do, but I had been lulled asleep and was on cruise control. When God told me to Wake Up, I realized alot about myself, but mostly that I need to be hands-on and more involved...exactly what I hadn't been doing. God grants us children as a blessing, but the time we have with them flies by SO quickly...the responsibility we have as parents to raise them is HUGE! But it's fun too!

So, I've been thinking...what (specifically) are the most important things we can/should teach our children? Please share!

~ Vince