About Me

So this is me...Vince Howard. Born and raised in Iowa, transplanted to Wisconsin and re-transplanted to Minnesota.

I attended the University of Northern Iowa for longer than I care to admit and I've worked with computers in one form or another since I was in High School.

I am a father of  6 children (4 are mine, 2 are my beautiful wife's) ranging in age from 15 to 26. My wife (who deserves a peace prize all her own!) and I have been married since June 2008 and while I'd lie if I were to say it's been a 'Storybook' everyday, most days it is and God shows me every day exactly why He hand picked her for me.

I love music (which is another reason I LOVE my wife as we share a love for music)...I love to sing and enjoy singing in our Praise Band at church. I love to cook and the art of making good food. I'm a self-proclaimed grill master and am honing my skills at the smoke-house. And many Saturdays you'll find me around the house with a hammer, saw and power-driver in my hand as Lisa keeps me busy on a myriad of on-going projects around the house.

For fun I like to BLOG, watch TV and plant and grow herbs as well as the things I mentioned earlier.

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