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Most of us work for the weekend and once it’s here, we play hard, get things done around the house or simply run errands that you weren’t able to do during the week. Sometimes our weekends are busier than our work weeks as was for the kids and I this past weekend!
It started with Friday as our church’s annual Men’s Camp out started and lasted through Sunday afternoon! I usually get out of work a little early, pick up the boys and head on out to the camp grounds, but this year was a little more complicated as Brittany was gone getting her nails done (I’ll explain later) and Trevor was at Everblades (church youth group) until 5:30pm. So, when 5:30 rolled around and Brittany wasn’t back yet, I took the little ones and went to pick up Trevor. On the way back home, we took a small detour and went to visit Amy’s gravesite. On the way home Friday, as I drove past the cemetery, it was there…The headstone was finished and put up and I wanted to take the kids up to see it. They did a fantastic job and its right near the road so no one will EVER miss it. So, the boys and I eventually made it out to the camp grounds and although it sprinkled, we had a great time! I couldn’t stay the entire weekend because Saturday was Brittany’s prom! She looked amazing…my daughter, the young woman that she is, looked incredible and Amy would have been proud! Several of the parents got together and rented a limo to take the group of kids to and from prom…in style! It was fun to see these kids…these young adults really, dressed to the hilt. One of the parents pulled me aside and said that this marks the beginning and I asked her what she meant and she told me that from here on, the time will fly past until graduation and then they’re gone…out of the house. That this summer with senior pictures, ACT/SAT’s just starts the race to the finish line…college applications, scholarship applications, cap and gown…graduation…the time is fast approaching and there isn’t a thing I can do to slow it down. The thought really puts things into perspective for me…she’ll always be my girlie…but she isn’t a little girl any longer. Sigh…Amy’s mother and older sister came up to help Brittany and be here for her and I just wanted to say thank you to both of them for taking time away from their own families and busy lives to come. We really appreciated your presence.

We ALL are sinners in need of grace…strugglers in need of strength. Jesus teaches us to pray, ‘Forgive us our debits…and lead us not into temptation.’ We’ve all made mistakes and all of us will continue to make more. The line that separates the best of us from the worst of us is a narrow one, hence we’d be wise to take Paul’s admonition seriously: Why do you judge your brothers or sisters in Christ? And why do you think you are better than they? Won’t we ALL stand before the Lord and be judged?
Your sister would like me to remind you that she NEEDS grace…Just like you need forgiveness, so does she. There comes a time in every relationship when it’s damaging to seek justice, when settling the score only stirs the fire. There comes a time when the BEST thing you can do is to except your brother and offer him the same grace you have been given….



  1. hi vince and kids,
    i was glad to see you wrote again because your words are always inspiring. hard to believe brittany is old enough to go to prom and i bet the next year will fly by! could you post some pictures? i would love to see her all dowled up! thank you for the words on GRACE...what a word that is!
    on another note, we have a little boy in our town, ambrose kearney, who is 7 years old and a great friend and classmate to our ben. he was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) 3 1/2 years ago. he has been thru sooo much: chemo, radiation, bone marrow transplant, numerous spinal taps, numerous blood/platelet transfusions, hospital stays, medicine, and the list goes on and on - as you well know. he received bone marrow from his big brother (9) about 15 months ago and recovered from that well. he had a relapse in november(cancer went to his spinal fluid) and underwent more treatments and was doing okay...
    on april 30th he was put back in iowa city after a 101.9 fever and complaining of headaches for a few days. unfortunately, they found that the cancer had spread to his testicles, spine and back into his bone marrow. his mom and dad were faced with many decisions in the past week and a half or so. what they decided to do is this: radiation on his testicles for 3 days (rather than surgery and removal), a 5 day run of a very strong chemo that has very risky side effects, especially on the lungs, which i forgot to mention he is already having trouble with - not cancer, but a long word of some 'lung disease' - or they could have chosen to do nothing because of the risk - - also i belive she said that the chemo was $35,000 and was not sure if insurance would cover it (i do believe the insurance did cover it - thank God)...let me add that this particular chemo came out 2 years ago and iowa city had never used it!
    before these decisions, the doctors discussed with them that they had to decide on a 'do not resusitate' and being put on a ventilator and all of those horrible decisions that a parent would have to make....
    well, today he was able to come home after yet another platelet transfusion, chemo in his spine and getting off morphine. i talked to his mom this afternoon and he was outside with her and his 5 kittens than he was sooo excited to see. my point in telling you all of this is to please keep ambrose in your prayers - please pray for a happy time at home with his family, friends and kittens as they do not know how long this will last - and hopefully the side effects will continue to stay away from his little body. ambrose is on many prayer chains throughout the country and maybe you could add him to your wonderful church for us. you have a wonderful group of people who check your website and who followed amy throughout her journey and i know that every prayer helps. thank you for letting me post this to share as i think ambrose needs all of the prayers we can muster up. i know God listens and i know His will will be carried out with ambrose - whatever that may be.
    thanks vince,
    your friends,
    paula and kevin and family

  2. Dear Vince and kids: I don't know how somebody can be excited about a grave marker being placed, but I was!!!!! Its beautiful!!!! I love the way she is placed right by the road. We wave to her, Dakota blows kisses, we thank God for her life here on earth. I thought about Brittany this weekend. I know Amy was watching, smiling at her first born in her prom attire. Thanks Vince, for sharing.
    Our God is an Awesome God.
    Love the Penzkovers


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