What If...Indeed!

What an awesome entry Hon! (see Lisa's BLOG entry from earlier today). God is NOT a cruel god. He wants to bless those who lean on Him, trust Him and rely upon His perfect wisdom! He doesn’t bless us with something (each other) and then take it away…that would go against His very nature. Yes, we live in a fallen world (because of original sin…Adam and Eve) and I am sure that we will face struggles and ‘growing’ pains along our path. But like I have told you before, I have NO doubt in my mind that we will weather each and every one because neither of us will be alone…we will have each other to rely upon! And more importantly, we together will have God to lean on and seek guidance from. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says ‘Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken’. With Christ at the center of our relationship…our very home…we WILL be a cord of three strands! Romans 8:31b says this ‘…if God is for us, who can be against us?’ I too have had my moments of ‘what if’s?’ What if Lisa’s boy’s don’t like me? What if this is too much of a change to Lisa’s life and what she’s grown accustom to? When are we going to have time to ourselves to grow as a couple? And the thing I have found is this…if we are truly seeking God’s peace and guidance in these, or ANY area of our lives, how can we hear Him if our minds are preoccupied with thoughts such as these? Fear, worry, doubt, etc. are ALL distractions and take our focus off from where it should be…the things and worship of God. God tells us in Psalm 46:10 ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ In this rapid paced, pedal to the metal world we live in, God tells us to ‘Be still…’ slow down, calm down, quit your planning and positioning, quiet your mind and empty it of thought. Now listen for His voice…His voice is pure and His wisdom perfect…His ideas are right on the money and He will NOT mislead you. Then KNOW that He is God…I mean, do you really, honestly believe He is God? If we KNEW Him and BELIEVED, why worry at all? That’s like seeing a fireman all dressed and ready to fight a fire and then doubting he will help extinguish the blaze. God is faithful in the face of our faithlessness. God is wise in the face of our foolishness. God is trustworthy in the face of our unreliability. God is merciful in the face of our selfish, sinful nature.

If that isn’t pure love, I don’t know what is…

In the course of my life
I see God’s faithfulness in different ways

It’s like the rose the blooms every spring
It’s like the air that I’m breathing everyday
It’s like the sun that rises every morning

But what if the sun refuses to shine,
and the stars concealed by dark clouds?
What if the storm comes, and the wind blows away all that I have?
Does God's faithfulness still linger?
Are His words still true?

I only think on this a moment, then I look to the cross
And the price He chose to pay instead of me
I look at the blood that ran down His broken and battered body;
the very same that washes away my sin
I look at His wounds and the sickening scourging;
and know that by His stripes He heals me from my disease

He teaches the bird to fly;
and teaches me to walk
He clothes the lilies of the field;
And supplies my every need

He knows the very strands of my hair;
And because I am fearfully and wonderfully made,
He knit me together in my mother’s womb

Indeed, I know that in every way God is faithful...
He has been, is and always will remain faithful!!!

~ V


  1. AMEN to that!!!

    We HAVE to trust and rely on the wisdom of God and not look at our lives and our plans from a human perspective. That's so hard to do, but we have to!!! Seriously! If we apply human logic to what we are doing, then there is no way around it. We are crazy...CRAZY!! You are going to be leaving a very secure job where you have been for 10+ years and moving your entire family to a new community...leaving the town where you have raised your kids, have so many close friends and a wonderful church to move to a new community, new job, new schools, new church...and SIX KIDS??? AAAK! Are we CRAZY? What in the world are we thinking??? I'm thinking we are cracked...

    Good thing God is in the driver's seat! Good thing HE is directing our paths, or we just might have followed the wrong one...taken the safe route...and missed the incredible blessings that He had planned for us. I'm SO glad that we are both crazy enough to do this =)

  2. dearest, to repeat what one of my co-workers like to say God bless the cracked because they let the light in. ponder that for a moment. :) love to All 8 of you :) debbie


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