Meanwhile, back at the bat cave...

Yes, I'm still here...Yes, I know I haven't posted an entry in awhile and...yes, I got the job! I was unemployed all of three days, but it was a stressful three days as the agency communicated to me that another viable, qualified candidate was being considered and they were having a difficult time deciding. I assured them that I understood and knew that they would need to make the choice they felt was best for the agency as a whole. In the end they did select me and my official start date was Sept 25th. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind as I've been trying to get up to speed with my new duties. My new official title is: Technical Network Administrator and I do the full gambit of IT from support to network setup/troubleshooting and server administration. In this new position, I get to utilize the expertise I earned while working for Foremost Farms and the training I received while working for Mayo. It's truly amazing to see after the fact how God has orchestrated every step. For example, I knew going into Mayo that it was a temporary position, but I thought that after my contract expired, they would find a place for me and that I would find a permanent position there...obviously God had other plans, but I started thinking, 'Why go through that training? Why learn how to setup a phone line in the phone switch or setup voicemail in this huge system if I'm never going to use it again?' And then, my first week there, I find out that they been struggling with how to fully operate the new phone system they just had installed...well, the phone system is an earlier version of the phone system used at Mayo! God is SO good and I thank Him for His continued blessings.
Lisa and I have been working on and off on getting the garage cleared out. With the advent of fall and the eminent frosty mornings, it turned into a race to see if we can finish before we have to start scraping windows...well, I am proud to say that as of this writing, the garage is about 99% done! Only a few more boxes to go through...It's been tiring work, but it's been fun doing it together, just Lisa and I. We work well together and she's a great encourager! ...even when I go off on a work tangent!

~ V


  1. Nice to hear from you again. God works only in the best ways, and that is why hind sight is 20/20. I know sometime " hey God you don't know what you are doing" but I say it to myself so no one think I'm crazy, (God already knows).

    Now that you have 99% finished your work get out and see the colors. The area you live in is good for this. God Bless,

  2. Sweet One, Soooo good to see and hear you happy! I can hear the PEACE in your voice and your writing..yes.. yes..that kind of peace that passes All understanding :-) i concure with Michael get out there and enjoy the color God has painted for you and yours! love to you always! debbie


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