...and HE shall reign

Just a quick one...saw this tonight and just HAD to post it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE things like this! Enjoy...

NOTE: No innocent bystander, patron (or anyone else for that manner), was offended, mentally anguished or religiously oppressed by the clear Christian message that was sung in a public place, during the taping of this video...

~ V


  1. Thanks 4 that =-D Wish they'd visit my food court over.

  2. this video made me cry when i saw it.

    come check out my blog if you care to: thedaileebailey.blogspot.com

    God bless!

  3. really amazing... more of these please.

  4. Thank you for that. I'm with Bailey as I cry every time I hear it. It is a blessing for sure.


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