Two and a Half Weeks

Well…I’m 2.5 weeks into this…torture?...Mad Scientist experiment?...I jest, but seriously, some of those thoughts have floated through my already warped mind. Some of this has been tough…my Bariatric team told me that most people no longer feel hungry and have to remind themselves to eat…LIES! I’m hungry 2 hours after I eat and by the time I reach the next meal time, I’m more than ready to eat. I’m sure most of this is because I’m on a liquid only diet (for the first 3 weeks), so the instruction of a more solid diet with protein should help with this. I smelled Texas Roadhouse the other day as I drove past it and had the urge for a steak SO badly…my body is craving MEAT! Also figuring out what upsets my stomach and eating SLOWLY and learning when enough is enough! Oh...BTW, enough is about 6 oz. 

No, this definitely is the path to a new food lifestyle and healthy living for me. Have I had some struggles? Of course! But what path to success doesn’t include struggles? During my pre-Op meetings, the nutritionist explained that I may find that some foods I enjoyed before, I no longer will and some that I hadn’t before, I may. Example, naturally sweet things might seem sickeningly sweet, certain flavors may no longer appeal to me. I had Beer-Cheese soup the other night…NEVER EVER AGAIN…I’m not sure why, but it sent my stomach into such convulsions that I wanted to die. Maybe it was a higher fat content…maybe it was the beer flavor…or perhaps the cheese, all I know is I NEVER want to experience that feeling again. All in all, I’m getting along well. For the first time in a LONG while my diabetes is well controlled (ave BGL has been 103 since surgery) and because of this AND the initial weight loss, I no longer have the pain in my knees or in my back that I previously had. I am also able to walk longer distances without huffing and puffing.

I’ve lost almost 30 lbs since the surgery and just under 50 lbs since November. The clothes that I saved from years ago because “I will need them when I lose weight” are the clothes I am wearing because the newer pants I have literally fall off my hips. They look like ridiculous ‘clown pants’.

My family has been great! The kids have helped pick up the slack at home and have really helped Lisa and I out with very little resistance. I love our kids! Lisa…I could write a whole entry on her alone! I am convinced I am the most blessed man on the face of the Earth! She has taken on all the responsibilities, running and workload on and I will never be able to properly express how thankful and appreciative I am. She’s been thoughtful and caring, concerned and supportive, loving and a nurse when I’ve needed it. When I think of Proverbs 31:10-31, with full humility and honesty, she IS a wife of noble character, whose worth FAR exceeds ANY precious stone and I love her with all of my heart.

I ask for your continued prayers as I continue to strive for health and I walk out my faith through this. What is God’s will in this? What is God’s will for me in the future? I pray that I am open to His leading, His will and His purposes.

~ Vince


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