The Ultimate Contractor

Psalms 127: 1 – Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain…
Ok, yes…it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. It really hasn’t been from a lack of happenings, because between the kids, our jobs and our plans, there has been a lot that’s gone on! As of late, we had been really focused on getting Lisa’s house ready to put on the market. One of our biggest areas of concern has been that we would need to sell Lisa’s house, turn around and find one that was big enough for our sizable family AND that was also in our price range. Oh…and this all had to happen within the timeframe of just a few months! Lisa and I had many discussions about the timing of everything…were we stepping back and allowing God to do things in His timing? Or were we trying to force God into the boundaries of time that we desired? So, we prayed for wisdom, peace and guidance and we prayed and gave over the sale and purchase of the houses to God. As the beginning of March came, and her house still wasn’t on the market, we really started worrying.

One day early in March, Lisa called a realtor to ask about a house she saw listed and ended up telling the realtor about her home, where it was and why she would be moving. The realtor then told Lisa that she wasn’t going to believe this, but she has a client who’s been renting an apartment in the same town and has been waiting for a house within her price range to come on the market! Later, the realtor told us that when she told her client about the house and where it was, the client told her she knew exactly which house it was, because she walks past it every day and has always thought, ‘That house is so cute!’. So, she and the realtor came and viewed the house that following Sunday and when Lisa called the realtor later that day, the realtor said that she LOVED her house, wants to buy it and wanted to settle on a price as soon as possible! WOW! But this now got Lisa’s mind reeling as she thought through the implications of selling her house TOO soon…where would her and the boys live? So, she told the realtor her concern and asked the realtor how soon her client might want possession. The realtor tells Lisa that it wouldn’t be a problem because the buyer is tied into a lease agreement until August 1st! Lisa and I were SO amazed that we almost cried! God is SO good and works in the most amazing ways! …But wait! There’s more! (I feel like one of those infomercial guys with the over-the-top fake British accent!) The realtor asked Lisa if we had found a house yet and when Lisa told her no, she mentioned that she has a new client who needs to sell their house and she thought the house might be big enough for us…and get this, it’s in the same town as Lisa’s house and about 4 blocks away! She went on to say that this house isn’t even listed yet, but the seller has already purchased another home and wants to move quickly and because it isn’t listed yet, she could save us a lot of money if we’re interested. We went to look at the house and fell in love with it! It will need a few modifications to create two more bedrooms, but the layout and size is perfect…plus it’s within the price range we were looking for! So, we made an offer and we’ve settled on a price and today there is a lovely SOLD sign in front of the house God has so lovingly provided! A house where Lisa, the kids and I will call home…a house, just like our lives, our relationship and even our kids, has a firm foundation built upon rock…upon THE Rock!

As Lisa and I sit back and think about how ALL of this came about through one chance phone call…Chance?...I think not! You can NOT tell me that God isn’t in the finest of details of our lives. When we turn our lives over and allow Him to lead, He sees and knows things that we never even thought of…He sees into the details of the relationships that my kids have made and will make, He has seen into the details of the relationships Lisa’s boys currently have and will develop and that together ALL of our kids will develop. He sees into the details of a house for our family and has taken into account size, layout, location and price to make sure that it is suitable! Chance indeed! Again, as I have so often quoted before, Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Why is it that after all of these years and ALL that He has done in my life, I find that I’m surprised when He does what He has promised? I’m not suggesting that I should be complacent about His blessing, but when He makes a promise, shouldn’t we be eagerly awaiting His fulfillment of it? Eagerly awaiting to raise our hands toward God in praise and worship? Our hearts anxiously awaiting to burst forth in joy and gladness! The scripture says that if we don’t, the very rocks will! No…I don’t want to be surprised by His blessing, I want to be eagerly anticipating it! Waiting for Him and His timing for it!

Since even before that VERY first day back in June of last year when Lisa and I met, God has been in the finest of details of our lives…molding us and shaping us, asking us to trust Him and rely upon His strength. I won't lie to you, sometimes it’s hard to trust in Him…sometimes in my foolish arrogance, I believe my plan…my desires are better. But through my bumbling and stumbling, He STILL proves faithful and blesses me in spite of myself. And boy am I grateful for that!

Take the hammer Lord…take the nails and hardwood of my life, of OUR lives…and build our house…

~ V


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