Cold hands, warm...abduction???

...For the recovery and return of my winter mittens.

A.K.A. (also known as): Shooting gloves, Glittens, The warmest gloves EVER, Freaky weird glove things
Last seen: June 2008, just before moving to Minnesota

Here is a picture of a ‘Person of Interest’ in this crime.

She’s been known to comment on her dislike of the missing gloves and was overheard asking, ‘What would you do if those gloves ever came up missing?’ If you see this person and she’s carrying the gloves in question, DO NOT TAKE PERSONAL ACTION!!! Please call Vince Howard at once!
...ok, seriously gloves ARE missing! (my coat is too for that matter...) I know my attachment to these gloves might seems a little odd, but honestly...they are the warmest gloves I have ever owned! The weather has turned decidedly cold this week and I really could have used them...I don't like my hands getting cold. I was sure that I had packed all of the cold weather stuff together...sigh, oh well, I guess I'll just have to order another pair!!! :)
~ V


  1. Seriously? Really? These are on the line of Jerry wearing socks with his sandals. About all I can say is, seriously?!!!

  2. Seriously, those are the glittens? I always thought they were the ones with the cut off fingers and the mitten part that velcros back. Vince, those are just creepy. If Lisa didn't take them she should have. Yikes!!!

  3. Contrary to popular belief (at my house anyway) I had nothing to do with the disappearance of the glittens. Oh, I have dreamt of it tho! Most likely, those freaky things crawled off on their own.


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