I Love Technology

Ok...so there's this on-going network issue at work. For the past two or three weeks, people have been being the good little workers that they are and filling out reports or whatever on their computers when...POOF! The computer either locks up or just re-boots...right in the middle of their work, which of course means that whatever work they HAD been doing is well...um...gone. Yeah...frustrating. It started out just one or two people and by the time I started looking into it...it went away. Then it popped up again...but someone else in a different part of the building. Then it went away for a few days...then it would pop back up again. It went on this way until last Friday when a good portion of the Central Office couldn't log onto the network and it stayed that way...About a week and a half earlier, I had started suspecting one of the pieces of our computer network called a switch, but it was SO random and intermittent, that I couldn't prove it. So, last Friday afternoon, I tested my theory by taking the select group of connections to the switch and moving them to a different switch...it worked! The only issue was that the switch I used as a replacement was too small for everyone to be moved to, so I left half on the old switch and put half on the new smaller switch and then ordered a new switch to be delivered Monday morning.
Monday morning comes...I go into the office early to get things ready for the new switch, which arrives at 9:30...I make all of the cable exchanges, power on the switch...within 15 minutes I get the first call...someone's been kicked off...I get them back on and 30 seconds later, they're kicked off again...AAAHHHHHHH! This issue is REALLY kickin' my behind!
So...tomorrow I'm going in for round three...pray for me as it's starting to get to me...switches and cable wires and network diagrams are starting to visit me in my sleep!

I Love Technology...right...

~ V


  1. baby brother..:) enjoy your gift..relax in the knowledge your the go to person! hehe keep smile! love to always debbie


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