Merry Christ-mas

The last of the gifts are wrapped, the kids are all camped out in the living room (after a half-hour of wrestling and other shenanigans) and Lisa's in the kitchen doing a little K.P. before turning in. Earlier, Lisa and I sang at our church's Christmas eve service (Lisa posted a video of it on her blog a few days ago) and earlier than that, Lisa and I split up to run some last minute errands. Now, after a full day of running and making preparations, I have a few minutes to reflect...this past year has seen a huge amount of change and while I want to talk about that, I will save it for another time. What does Christmas mean to you? Dig through the commercialism...through the secularism and being honest with yourself, what does Christmas really mean to you? God humbled Himself and being fully God became fully man...He knew full well that He would be despised and rejected. He would be beaten and hung on a cross to die...and He knew all of this would transpire even before coming as a baby...sleeping in a manger. Humble, lowly beginnings for the only begotten Son of God.

May God richly bless you and watch over you and family through this Christmas Season and through the next year.

Seek Him and you will find Him...



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