What's your pleasure?

I feel like I've really not written lately. Yeah, I've put out some perfunctory posts and some silly ones, but I really haven't connected and posted something with any substance for quite some time. So, I want to know what some of you would like to hear me talk about?

So...what's your pleasure?

~ V


  1. I, for one, want to hear you talk about our lives as a family. The funny and not so funny moments...moments that challenge us and delight us and confuse us. And share some of that wisdom that is hidden deep in your heart. Things that God is teaching you, and things you want to learn. Oh, and how wonderful your wife is is always a nice thing to read about :) PSSHA!!!

  2. HI Vince,
    I, personally, liked the look of your blog before,but everyone needs a change from time to time. I also like 99.9% of everything you write. However, the most real, the most poignant, the most heartfelt is when you're writing about your relationship to Christ. The way you write makes it so relatable to all people. So, whether the vehicle is your family, some health issue, or funny book about Christians that's more true then anything, write it, write how God speaks to you through it, be His vessel. When you write like that I log on with baited breathe waiting to hear His voice through your writings. God inspires EVERYDAY, through everything. I know you know that. Now, write, PLEASE, just write and give God the glory and don't let Satan make you hesistate. love you and believe in you. d.


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