To Boldly Go Where I've Always Avoided...

Hello, my name is Vince Howard and I'm a Star Trek geek...

There! I said it! WHEW...That wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be! You see, I've struggled with that designation for some time now. In fact, I distinctly remember one Christmas a few years back when Lisa bought me a few TOS (The Original Series) props and I was upset about it. The more I thought about it, the more I realised I was actually embarrassed about receiving them...after all, here I am a GROWN man getting 'toys' for Christmas.

Over the years,  I've collected every Star Trek movie, I have ALL seasons of TOS on disk, I've collected over 50 Star Trek Hallmark ornaments, I have books on Star Trek, ranging from the science behind Star Trek and Technical Operational Manuals to Star Trek stories as well as a many other items.

2016 was Star Treks 50th was a combination of that event AND the realization that I actually owned quite a bit of Star Trek memorabilia, that put me over the hump in accepting that I'm a full blown Star Trek nut! This year, because of the anniversary, I've purchased several collectibles that will NEVER see the light of day. Much like Stinky Pete from Toy Story, these are and will remain MINT IN BOX. Lisa thinks I'm absolutely bonkers, but I simply tell her, you just don't understand, I'm preserving history!

My small collection makes me happy and I find that searching for dated items that I remember from my own childhood both fun and challenging! So there! I've embraced my geekdom fully and with pride can now say...there's Klingons off the starboard bow Jim!


  1. You go right on searching for new life and civilizations in memorabilia. It's harmless and fun and brings back happy memories. Like when we'd watch the show while using Thunder's tummy as a pillow.😊


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