The call

Good news! Trevor made the baseball team! He was SO excited and I am very proud of him! and I know Amy was looking down, beaming with pride...Amy SO loved her sports and even in the midst of bad seasons, she would never miss a game if it could be helped!



  1. Dear Family, WAY to Go Trevor!! :) give me a high five!! two times :) So how are things? has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Vince before I answer your question on your last blog.what made you ask the question? I myself ..believe that humans are born with that compass you were taking about..But..shortly into our lives there will be a deal breaker happening. and OUR a Big deal..and where and who we look learn from, grow with, pattern our morality after. there are different meanings to morality. as a believer God is my compass. But because I'm still human..I do have my short pun intended :) well get out there and enjoy Today! love to you always Vince! one last Yippee for Trevor! :) debbie


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