Much like your parents attic, treasured memories lay within. So, wipe the dust off my ruminations and remembrances, sit back and enjoy!

The call

Good news! Trevor made the baseball team! He was SO excited and I am very proud of him! and I know Amy was looking down, beaming with pride...Amy SO loved her sports and even in the midst of bad seasons, she would never miss a game if it could be helped!



Anonymous said...

Dear Family, WAY to Go Trevor!! :) give me a high five!! two times :) So how are things? has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods? Vince before I answer your question on your last blog.what made you ask the question? I myself ..believe that humans are born with that compass you were taking about..But..shortly into our lives there will be a deal breaker happening. and OUR choice..is a Big deal..and where and who we look to..to learn from, grow with, pattern our morality after. there are different meanings to morality. as a believer God is my compass. But because I'm still human..I do have my short comings..no pun intended :) well get out there and enjoy Today! love to you always Vince! one last Yippee for Trevor! :) debbie

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