The Truth of the Matter

Just a quick posting before I go to work. Last night I went to Trevor's band concert. They played three selections (The Theme from Indiana Jones, A medley of songs from Les Mis and a patriotic number that was performed with the 8th grade choir. You could tell that the kids liked the Indiana Jones one the best because they performed that one the best. It brought back lots of memories of when I was in band and especially because this group will be in High School next year (who said they could grow up??). Trevor should find out today if he made the Babe Ruth Baseball team. It's going to be hard because there were 16 trying out and they only take 12 or 13.

I would like pose a question for you today: What is the basis for morality? Is there such a thing as a universal moral compass, and, if so, who or what makes the arrow of truth point this way or that way?

These are my thoughts, and I'm sticking to them - V


  1. Ha! I'm laughing at your signature line...

    What a great get ready for some babbling! Actually I think the answer is quite simple: God. He sets the standard for us and is the source of all truth and morality. Apart from Him, we can do nothing good. Not one thing. We want to think we are "good", and the world tells us we are, but the truth is that without Him we are utterly hopeless. He gave us His Word as our guide and compass, and the Holy Spirit to speak the Word into our hearts and reveal the truth to us. And He gave us Jesus to point us to the Father. The way, the truth and the life...that's our Savior. I'm so glad I don't have to rely on myself to determine what is moral and what is not. What a pitiful mess my life would be! Not relying on God as our moral compass is like being on a merry go round that is not attached to the ground. You just spin and float and end up wherever the winds of desire take you...which quite often is not a good place to be.

  2. Your question made me think of Abraham Lincoln, who has been quoted as saying..."Somethings that may be legally right are not necessarily morally right". So often we confuse the two, and defer determinations of morality to our governmental leaders, or the media.

    May God awaken us to His standards of right and wrong, such that we chose to willingly follow.


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