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Well, this is new journal. Not really sure where this will lead, what it will entail or even what to expect, but isn't that part of the fun of a new journey? The excitement of going somewhere you've never been; seeing new and wonderful things...experiencing new and different cultures.

I'm not 100% happy with the new blog design, so don't be surprised if you see periodic changes. Items added or removed as well as enhancements.



  1. hey vince,
    looking forward to reading your new entries...i like the comment of 'more wilderness than trail', but with the ultimate Guide, the destination will be found...
    take care and thank you for continuing your journey with us.
    love, paula and family

  2. Vince, as co-project manager with Janie Newgent, I thought we needed to bring you and the readers of your site, the results of our project(s). First we thank the following people who have offered their "talents" for ..Replacement of a window, door framing, and light in the bathroom(pending new baseboard) Thanks Wayne Luther and Dave Luetkens..Ross Curry, thanks for wall preparation and prime coat in the bathroom. Vince, we were also very fortunate to have a "master" plumber in the human form of Jamie Foster. Thanks for repairing the leaking pipe in the basement, installing new vanity and faucets, and taking care of the kitchen sink problem. He also had the help of Nate Sorenson with some of these items. Tom Dunbar answered the call of repairing the dryer. A very much needed repair!!Praise the Lord!, but we aren't done yet. Steve and Patti Beach have offered to paint the bathroom(you furnish the paint) and also have agreed to install the new window shade and towel bars in the bathroom. Have I missed anyone? You bet I did. An ongoing "apprentice program" has been put into action for both Hope and Vinny. While putting up the 16 feet of shelving in the basement, Hope was able to use a drill(with screw bit) to fasten the shelving to the frames. Also, I allowed her to drill a much needed hole, but in error, I didn't have her wear her safety glasses and it resulted in a very small fleck of wood dust to get in her eye. What a brave apprentice she was and as co-project manager reminded me of my error, and even with 50 plus years in the "business" we make mistakes. Hope also helped to install the flooring for the play area for her and Vinny. 8 foot by 16 feet, should allow them room for playing and a place to put toys for Hope and Vinny's many Leggo sets he has. Also, Hope really enjoyed snapping chalk lines for me. I would put her in the category of an accomplihed "chalk liner". But there is more, both Vinny and Hope painted the base coat for the two walls by the play area. Vinny's ability in painting was awesome, and once he completes his "apprenticeship program" I think he'll be ready to help Ross Curry. Vinny also showed leadership skills in helping and giving Hope positive encouragement as she helped in the painting project. We need to paint the final coat(light blue), install carpet (which the Vandenlangenbergs have donated) and our projects are completed. Thank you for patience with us. Oh, also I'm impressed with Hope's reading ablity (I'm sure you already know this as she has read to you) and this will help her with progress in her "apprentice program", and I would be remiss to note that Vinny has faithfully done his reading. Well, Vince we must leave as both of us have "other projects" pending. God bless you and your family. Dave Wick.


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