Speaking of American Idol

Ok, now that I've had my fun. I want to share with you two of my favorite performances so far from this season. The first is by Adam Lambert, who in my opinion (win or lose) is already well on his way to an incredible career. Here he performs HIS version (notice I stress HIS) of Johnny Cash's iconic 'Ring of Fire' I found this incredibly unique...see if you agree! Oh, don't forget to scroll to the bottom and PAUSE the music player first! (trying to listen to two music files at once is extremely annoying!)

Here is Kris Allen. He's been growing on me (no, NOT like a fungus!) This performance of 'To Make You Feel My Love' a song that I wasn't familiar with (originally sung by Bob Dylan), made me sit-up and take notice of him...VERY heart felt.

Two firsts for Trevor that I thought I'd share. This past week, he officially entered the ranks of 'Gainfully Employed' as Mc Donalds hired him on the spot after his interview! Congrats Trev!
And last night, he went to the first concert by himself! He and Whitney went to see Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Second Hand Seranade. Fun!

~ V


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