Let's play 'Who's the Idol'

American Idol...how many of you watch this show? It's one of Lisa's favorites and I like to watch it as well...however, I must admit part of the appeal for me is watching the initial couple of weeks during the try outs. Honestly now...how can some of these people actually think they're good?? Yeah, there are some who make it a complete joke...these people know they're bad and they actually play that up. But there are those who come in, perform seriously and have absolutely NO clue as to how incredibly bad they are. It's kind of like watching a train wreck, you know you should turn your head, you KNOW it's going to be horrific, but you just can't help but watch...

Well, a few weeks ago, I started noticing that this years contestants, either looked like or reminded of some other well known people...or "ahem", icons. See if you agree!

Ok, here's the first one. Compare the following two photos. Which one is Scott MacIntyre and whic is Art Garfunkel?

Number two: Who is M. Night Shyamalan and who is Anoop Desai (yes...that's a real name)

And we're now on to Number 3: Wherever Art shows up, Paul Simon can't be far behind, which of these is indeed Paul and which is Kris Allen?

Here's number 4: I've seen both of these guys, one while I was a kid and the other on Amer. Idol. Who is Eddie Munster and who is Adam Lambert??

Last, but not least, #5: Although they have matching hair, these pictures are NOT the same person. Which is Allison Iraheta and which is the loveable Troll Doll?

Ridiculous? Sure! But BOY was it fun!!!
~ V


  1. hahah. That's amazing. Justin and I had a great time laughing at that. He's not a fan, but catches enough to know who the contestants are. I'm a huge fan. I laughed SOOOO hard.

    Thank you! :)

    Love from Vegas,
    Jackie and Justin

  2. LAME!!!!
    ~Britt <3


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