Robots and Squirrels...the age long enmity

OK...Lisa and I do the 'divide and conquer' method of putting our younger two to bed. She goes in and does her routine with Kyle and I with Hope. Last week, I had finished before Lisa and as I was passing Kyle's bedroom, Kyle said, 'Hey, Vince? Did you know that when God is done with this Earth, He will make a new one? And that when He makes the new Earth, animals will be our friends?' I said, 'Yes, Kyle, that's right. And did you know that the Bible says that the Lion will lay with the Lamb?' 'Yeah,' he said. 'And the robots and squirrels will finally be friends!' ...even I paused at that one...I said (with a barely straight face), 'I...wasn't aware that robots and squirrels were enemies??' Kyle didn't even pause, he said 'Oh, yeah...when a robot whose minding his own business gets too close to a tree, a squirrel will dive on it's head and attack it!' The visual (yes, us men ARE visual) was too much and I just burst out laughing!

So...when God creates the new Earth, the robots will have THAT to look forward to...

~ V


  1. I can barely see to type as I have tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard!!! The kids are wondering what is so funny. This sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit just waiting to happen!!!


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