100 myles...NO, it's MILES...of garage sales

This is the face of a man who isn't happy...
Why isn't he happy, you may ask? Well, this guy went to the 100 mile garage sale. Yes...100 miles of garage sales. It's a thing they do each year around here and honestly, last year Lisa and I went and we had a GREAT time! OK...so what's the difference between last year and this year? Ummm...the three kids we decided to take this year!
Why do kids feel that they need to constantly correct each other? Or maybe it's just MY kids (and what does that say about ME?? Ugh..) but after about the 100th time (yes, that's about 1 per mile) of listening to one of them correct the other for accidently saying shale instead of sale, I was about to wack (or is that whack) something or someONE. So I've established a new law...kids and 100 mile garage sales do not mix! I think I'll call it; Vince's Law of Simple Sanity...

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I make it out to be, but ALL of you dad's out there, I KNOW you're feelin' my pain...

~ V


  1. "And I'm packing your ANGRY EYES, just in case."

  2. Oh yeah, Captain Angry Eyes needs to wear his badge to the Star Trek movie.


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