Meanwhile, back at the League of Justice...

Mom's are superhero's. And just like Superman, Spiderman and Batman, they too have abilities. If you're like me (and who isn't), as a kid, I sat and watched Batman, defeat the villains with a combination of smarts, martial arts moves and his trusty utility belt.

He had everything from shark repellent to smoke grenades packed away in it. Mothers too, have a utility belt of sorts, but they called it a purse (and if it's perfect enough, they take pictures of it and blog about it...but I digress). I've seen mothers pull everything from fishing line and band-aids to happy-meal toys and screwdrivers from their satchels. I would even go so far to say that mother's have super powers that are just as powerful as any superhero; Mother's have the uncanny ability to take a scraped knee, clean it, bandage it and with a single kiss, make it feel SO much better! They also have the uncanny ability to know that when the kids get real quiet, something is usually amiss...They know more, see more and hear far more than any normal human being usually does...
Happy Mother's Day to all of you super mom's out there!
I know my mom was super and I know my wife is an incredibly super mom as well! Thank you...I'm always in awe of how much you do!
~ V


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