It's COMING!!!!!!!

If you know what this sign is, then you're like me...a red blooded, full grown, Star Trek nerd...

Yes, I fully admit it, I, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like Star Trek and I can not wait for the movie to come out...this FRIDAY (that's tomorrow, just in case you were wondering)! No, I'm NOT some freak who will dress-up as my favorite character (although, that would be pretty cool...maybe not). I DO however, own an extensive collection of Star Trek themed Hallmark ornaments...honestly enough to decorate an entire Christmas tree...

Have I mentioned that I LIKE Star Trek?? I do, you know!

Star Trekin' across the universe...poor Lisa... :)

~ V


  1. You are a NERD. Lisa deserves the Wife of the Year award for going to this movie with you. My goodness...

  2. I agree, Lisa DOES deserve Wife o' the Year, but not for going to the movie. She deserves it because she's an incredible wife!!

    ~ V


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