Look at the point spread on THAT one!

I absolutely LOVE my wife! Among the many reasons is that she makes me laugh and isn’t afraid in the least to laugh at herself! Last night, Lisa and I went to bed around 11pm and we did our little routine of shutting off the lights, etc and so we found ourselves walking across a dark house towards the hall that leads to our bedroom. I had seen that one of the kids had left an oversized ‘bouncy-ball’ on the landing, just in front of the hallway, so, not wanting Lisa or I to trip over it in the dark, I gave it a little kick and sent it rolling downstairs…Lisa didn’t see the ball, nor did she see me kick it. I heard her pause and she said, ‘Who’s there?’ Not quite sure what she was talking about, I stopped and turned and saw her with her head slightly ‘cocked’ sideways, looking downstairs. Again, she said, ‘Who’s there?...Did you see it?...Was that a Deer?’ At that point, I finally realized what had happened and I said, ‘No dear, that’s a ball! She saw this ‘shadowy figure’ bounding gracefully down the stairs and associated that with a Deer bounding gracefully across a field…

We laughed until our sides hurt and tears came to our eyes!

I LOVE my wife!!!

~ V


  1. Thank you so much, DEER, for sharing this with EVERYONE WE KNOW!!!

  2. Ahahhhaaaaaahhhhhaa. That's awesome!


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