Man Law Tuesday #2

Man Law number 2 is: If Anything is Worth Eating, It's Worth Wrapping in Bacon! Bacon is a MAN's looking life in the face and laughing...HARD!

We've ALL heard of bacon wrapped can't eat shrimp in a more manly way than this!

And of course bacon wrapped chicken...the non-red meat, red meat!

Salmon provides healthy fish oils...bacon provides yummy, smoky flavored FAT! What a taste combo!

Bacon wrapped steaks is a staple for ANY real man!

Here we have the ultimate breakfast...bacon wrapped french toast sticks!!! Come and get it!!!

What an incredible idea! Take in a ballgame and enhance that ballpark frank by bacon wrapping it! Can't get more American than this!!!

Man up those party hor d'ourves, by bacon wrapping them, like these bacon wrapped pickles!

...Or bacon wrapped pineapple chunks!

...and for dessert? How about these chocolate covered bacon strips!!! Can't you just hear Rachel say 'Yumm-o!!'?

And for those who JUST can't get enough bacon, here we have...yes, bacon wrapped BACON!

And of course...what holiday is complete without the traditional bacon wrapped TURKEY? I call the wishbone!!

Just remember...if you can cook it, you can wrap it!'s NOT just for breakfast anymore!

~ V


  1. I'm expecting some fabulous bacon wrapped grilled things for supper very soon :)

    Your wife who adores you,



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